Commercial Plumbing Melbourne

When it comes to commercial plumbing companies in Melbourne, plenty of commercial clients look for a reliable service that they can trust. At Rex Plumbing, we deliver excellent service with expert plumbers that focus on customer service and promises fixed labour rates.

Rex Plumbing is a leading provider of commercial plumbing services in Melbourne. Look to us if you need a commercial plumbing service in Melbourne that utilises the utmost competence through the latest technology, qualified workmanship and years of trade experience.

Our team of certified Plumbers offers comprehensive solutions for a variety of clients that range from education to healthcare, and commercial to residential. You can expect the highest attention to detail when you contact us for commercial plumbing or emergency plumbing tasks in Melbourne.

  • Body corporate
  • Thermostatic mixing valve installation and maintenance
  • Back flow prevention
  • Jetting & CCTV
  • Emergency Callout

Experienced Commercial Plumbers Melbourne

Our team works with a variety of clients from commercial backgrounds. Whether you are a real estate agent, or sit on a body corporate board, we commonly conduct annual testing and preventative maintenance for a busy facility mangers, we can help. Our comprehensive range of commercial plumbing services spans annual testing, clearing blocked drains, water jetting specialised services, emergency drainage and pipe maintenance, fitting and maintenance of grease traps, and more.

We understand that plumbing services are among the key utilities required to keep a facility or building operating smoothly. As we work with a wide range of commercial clients, we are adept at helping to reduce the downtime when emergency plumbing services in Melbourne are needed. If you are a building manager, part of a body corporate, or work as a real estate agent, you can always call on us to meet your plumbing maintenance needs for the year.

Among these services, we can assist with any commercial plumbing tasks to do with roofing works, grease traps, as well as with clearing any blocked drains and piping.

Reliable Plumbing with Fixed Labour Rates

Whether you need an emergency plumber in Melbourne, or are looking to secure a reliable preventative maintenance service for your facility, we can help. Call on us at Rex Plumbing to find out how we can help take care of all your commercial plumbing in Melbourne at 1800 954 808 today.