Emergency Plumber Melbourne

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So when your pipes burst, or your blocked drains become too much to handle, we’ll be there. Our fully qualified plumbers are expertly trained to handle all forms of plumbing issues.

Our residential plumbing clients are spread all across Melbourne, they rely on us for all of their plumbing needs. Our commercial plumbing clients include some well-known schools, childcare centres and aged care facilities. These commercial clients in the education sectors and healthcare sectors have very strict health and safety requirements, to ensure the health of their students and patients.

If you have an emergency plumbing need in Melbourne due to drain blockages, leaking pipes, over flowing drains, broken gutters, gas leaks or anything else; we’ll be there.

Blocked Drain Emergency Plumbers Melbourne

People commonly call us when blocked drains are causing overflowing water into their property. They call us if their pipes are starting to smell, but they can’t locate where the pipe is blocked. Nothing is worse that a strong smell or odour coming up through your blocked drain pipes.

Worse yet, if you have a blocked sewer pipe this will be particularly unpleasant for you and others. We are experienced emergency blocked drain plumbers in Melbourne. At Rex Plumbing, we get the job done right.

We use the most modern methods to not only fix the problem, but to find the root cause. Which in some cases may even be a pipe piercing tree root! We’ll diagnose your blocked drains by using CCTV cameras to look behind walls, under floors and more.

Emergency Hot Water Service Melbourne

When the hot water goes out in a large facility with high usage, like an apartment complex, school or aged care facility; we can fix it. Our emergency hot water service in Melbourne will get your hot water unit fixed, giving hot water to all.

We commonly work on both gas hot water systems and electric hot water systems. No matter the age, energy source or model; we can fix it. With gas hot water systems, we have licensed gas plumbers on our fleet to safely tap off the gas while we fix your hot water unit.