Hydro Jet Drain Cleaner Melbourne

With our hydro jet drain cleaning machines, we can reach deep into any blocked sewers, stormwater drains or blocked sink drains. Hyrdro water jetting is an effective way of treating blockages, as it flushes out calcified grease buildups and fats, as well as tree roots and foreign debris.

Rex Plumbing has extensive experience using the hydro-jet drain cleaners, to ensure quality of service and effective hydro jet drain cleaning. We commonly flush out food waste, green waste matter and even toys at childcare centres. No matter the cause, we’ll find the blockage and clear it for you quickly.

How does pressurised water jet drain cleaning work?

Jet Blasting works by sending a flexible cable into the problematic pipe, we put in live drain CCTV cameras to find the blockage or damaged pipes. We then use our highly pressurized water stream, at up to 5000 psi to quickly slice through grime, tree roots and other pipe blockages. There are no sharp blades, just water, so there is no chance of damaging your pipes. Water jet drain cleaners are perfect for domestic pipes, commercial pipes, sewer pipes and stormwater drains. We commonly use our hyrdo jetting machine to clear lodged rubbish, leaves, tree roots, grease and more.

With our jetting machine we can reach blockages of up to 100 metres down, in the darkest drains. Hydro jetting is known as the most effective way to clean out pipe blockages and build up. While there are alternatives such as snaking out a blockage or build up, hydro jetting does a much more thorough job, this is due to the cleaning area of each nozzle which is up to 100% of the internal diameter of the pipeline. Different types of nozzles are used depending on the task at hand to guarantee maximum efficiency and job satisfaction. Hydro jetting is the only method that thoroughly cleans the inside of the pipe, eliminating unwanted debris.

Blocked Drains Melbourne, it’s what we do!

Our qualified Plumbers demonstrate their experience every day, with our wide range of domestic and commercial clients. They start each blocked drain project with an initial diagnosis of the affected drainage system, before actioning the most suitable and cost-effective approach for long-term results. Finding the right solution, can depend on factors like the type of property, facility, and ease of access to the drain system.

With the cause of blockage discovered, our plumbers will immediately decide on the most effective method to remove any blockage.

For our clients who manage properties across commercial, healthcare, education, childcare and industrial sectors; our Plumbers have experienced a variety of blocked drains in Melbourne. We are able to provide Drain Relining, Water Jet Drain Cleaning, Blocked Sewer Clearages, and more.

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Treating Blocked Drains in Melbourne

If you need a blocked drain plumber in Melbourne; We assist with blocked sewers, blocked stormwater drains, blocked sinks, and more. Our certified plumbers are experienced with a variety of blockages. Our qualified plumbers will first demonstrate their experience diagnosing each of the affected drainage systems on your commercial or residential property.

At Rex Plumbing, we always use the most up-to-date equipment, our team provides a variety of drain clearing solutions, which includes High Pressure Water Jet Clearing, to removes roots from pipes, as well as other Debris in your drains and other unwanted pipe blockages in Melbourne.

We are hydro jet pump drain cleaners in Melbourne, so we’ll use our hydro water jetting machine to flush our any unwanted blockages in your pipes.

Emergency Blocked Drain Plumber Melbourne

Whether it’s late at night, early morning or right in the middle of the day; we’ll be there as your emergency plumbers in Melbourne. We have many years of experience in unblocking drains and clearing pipe blockages of all varieties.

If you have an emergency plumbing issue with your sewers or drainage systems, we are available afterhours, 24/7 (24 hours a day / 7 days a week).

Drain Pipe Relining Required?

Relining drain pipes can be a common requirement for our clients, when their drains have been damaged by their previous blockages. Drain relining, is a process of repairing your pipes, without the need to dig trenches. This means that your business or home will have limited down time and we can fix the blocked and broken pipes.

This method of drain piper repair can is particularly useful for most types of drain and sewer lines. Our drain pipe relining specialists are experienced with a variety of pipe repairs, at commercial and residential premises.